Circus Circus Age Limit, Dress Code, Smoke Free


It is better to arm yourself with the information on the page of this website so that when you get to Circus Circus Hotel Resort you don’t find yourself in an embarrassing situation.

Circus Circus Entrance Requirements

Entrance Fee to Casino: free

Entrance Fee to Resort: not free and at the same time not fixed see hereĀ  for more details

Age Limit: 21 years old or more. Government approved identification documents may be required especially if you are on a first visit and your age is doubted.

Dress Code. Neat smart casual. Men may not wear sleeve less shirt, bathroom slippers, open toe shoes, shirt with offensive slogan, camouflage and swimwear.

Ladies should be dressy and may not wear see through attire.

Smoke Free: Circus Circus is not smoke free, but smoking is not allowed in the resort and hotel rooms, smoking in the main casino hall is not prohibited.

Note: in a situation where you smoke where smoking is prohibited, you will pay a fine known as “cleaning fee” of $300.

There are designated smoking area all around the resort. It is your duty as a visitor who smoke to ask for it.