Connecticut Internet Gambling and Casinos

Get information about internet gambling law, where to play internet or online casino in Connecticut and other gambling that can be done online in the state.

Internet gambling of any from in the United States of Connecticut is illegal. The Department of Consumer Protection Gaming Division Connecticut states this concerning online gambling in the state and we quote:

“The State of Connecticut and the Department of Consumer Protection do not authorize, license, permit, or regulate in any manner any Internet gambling in any form. Under General Statutes of Connecticut Section 53-278a(2) any gambling activity in Connecticut is illegal unless specifically authorized by law. Neither the state legislature nor any state agency has approved any form of gambling on the Internet, including the purchasing of raffle tickets. Even if a gambling website is legal in another jurisdiction, such as a foreign country or another state, it is illegal to use that site to gamble from within Connecticut.” Consumer Protection Department

Even the government own Connecticut Lottery Corporation neither provide online gambling services nor sell their ticket online. They do not even encourage people to buy lottery ticket connecticut flagfrom private site that say they sell the ticket online. That shows the level of illegality of online gambling and it related service in Connecticut.

But You Can Play Online Casino Game in Connecticut
Of course, yes! You can play online casino game in Connecticut. Remember,the term gambling has to do with placing a wager in form of money or anything of value in a hope of receiving a price for correctly determine an outcome of an event. So, playing online casino games in Connecticut has none of those elements. You can play online casino game in the state so far it does not include wagering of anything of value.

Where to Play Online Casino Game in Connecticut.
You can play casino games online for free at the Foxwoods Casino Resort own site:
This Online Casino website is hosted in Mashantucket, CT and is a free-to-play website with no real money online gaming supported.