Gambling, Online and Land Base Casino, Tasmania

Gambling is a legal form of business and activities in Tasmania, but however it legality there are some form of gambling that are not allowed and are not represented in Tasmania. Gaming industry in Tasmania is big and it cut across virtually all form of known gaming. Gaming and gambling in form of lottery, raffle, keno, casino games, bingo are all allowed in Tasmania.

Gambling Authority, Tasmania
Liquor and Gaming, Department of Treasury and Finance is responsible for regulating and licensing of all form of gaming and gambling (including casino) activities in Tasmania

Land Base Casinos
There are two legal operational casinos in Tasmania and these two casinos are the only legal Tasmania flaggambling house that can hold money poker tournament:
Wrest Point Casino, Horbat and Country Club Casino, Tasmania
Apart from these two casinos there is a lot of gaming machine locations where you can play machine games in the province.

Online Casino and Gambling
Online gaming is legal in Tasmania but not all type: online casino games such as online blackjack, online roulette, online poker, online bingo and all form of online version of electronic game are illegal. But online gambling or wagering such sport betting and wagering on football, horse racing, cricket, tennis and other are allowed.  and are the two allowed sites where you can do your online wagering and sport betting.