Gambling, Online and Landbase Casino, Finland

Gambling in Finland is diverse, it comprises virtually all the form of known gambling activities in the world: casino , lottery, horse racing, sport betting, bingo, pool and all sorts of online gambling. But as diverse as the Finnish gambling sector of the economy is, it is strictly regulated and highly monopolized, including online gaming sites. The Finnish gambling monopolized licenses are given three state run gambling companies namely Finland Slot Machine Association known as RAY, Veikkaus Oy and Fintoto Oy. No foreign gaming operator is allow in Finland.

Finland Slot Machine Operator Association (RAY) are licensed to operate casinos, slot machines, bingo, poker and all forms of table gamesray logo, veikkaus logo, fintoto logo

Veikkaus Oy: they are licensed to operate all forms of Finland lottery games, pool, betting games, instant games and all other forms of draw games.

Fintoto Oy: is the sole license holder of horse racing betting in Finland

Landbase Casino in Finland:
Casino Helsinki is the only casino in Finland and it is operated by RAY
There are also many slot machine locations throughout the country. They are own by RAY but monitor by scores of RAY business associate.

Online casino and Gambling, Finland:
You can play games and gamble online in Finland but the foreign gaming sites are not allowed.The Finnish three monopoly gambling lisence holder operate gaming sites. They operate all forms of online games and gambling.
You can play RAY’s online game at Veikkaus Oy’s online game at and Fintoto Oy’s online games at

There is then Alan Penningautomatforening, a monopolized gambling lisence holder in Finland Island of Alan. It provides all forms of online casino games, poker room, bingo and sport book. They are lisence and control by local Aland government. You could play thier online game at