Gaming Chips: Casino Own Currency

Playing a game, especially a table game at casino could be interesting, but as interesting as it is you don’t have to play the game with raw cash. If you haven’t been to a casino before you may be wondering how the cash with which the game they offer is been handle? Are they really playing casino game making use of raw cash or what? Apart from the slot games machine which you will put money into directly, all other games don’t accept raw cash or currency when you are placing a betting but what is known as “Gaming Chip”

                                     What is Gaming Chips?

Of course this is not an electronic chip which is widely known in fact they are not the same at all. Gaming Chip is casino currency with which you play or make a bet. It could be round and sometime square shape, gaming chip always comes of the same size and of different color. It is makes in different face value so that the value of the bet or game could be known.

                    How Do you Get Gaming Chips?

On entering a casino to play table game you will approach a dealer at the gaming table, placing you money gaming chipsbefore him on the table and tell him the value of the chip you want- all casinos have the chips and some casinos do have their name engraved on it- within a few second the dealer will give you gaming chip according to the value required. The value of each chip is mark on it so, you must check to be sure the value he gave you tallies with the value required. With these you can play a table game or make a bet.

               What about Roulette Table Game?

In case of the American Roulette, it own chip is called “Wheel Chip” as oppose the generally “Gaming Chips” and each game table has it own wheel chips distinct from other game tables, this enable the croupiers to know the bet of each player.

                               Baccarat Chips

What make difference between the baccarat chips and other gaming chips is it’s size. The baccarat chips are a little bit bigger than any other chips.