Joker Jackpot: An Element of Trade Promotion

Joker Jackpot or Joker poker is a kind of a game of chance which is commonly used as a form of trade promotion. It is a game which companies or organization organize purposely to promote a particular good or service. It should not be confused with lottery or raffle.

Joker poker is a game which a person or a customer is entitled to participate in by purchase a good or service of the company that organize it. This good or service is part of the promotion and no entrance fees whatsoever small would be charged.

By buying a product or a service, a customer may enter into a primary draw. The winner of the primary draw is determine by chance, the winner of the primary draw may then progress to participate in the major or final draws.

At the final draw, the winners of the primary draw are given a selection of playing cards whichjoker poker has only one joker in the deck, this joker is the winning card. If at the first picks a participant is chosen a joker then he wins, but if not, the loosing card is permanently removed from the selection of cards to be offered at next major price draw.

It is also a rule that if a losing card is selected, the joker must be shown to the gathering so they may know that the joker is among the card and that the draw is free and fair. Once the joker is shown the card would be reshuffled to place the joker randomly in the selection of the cards. As the losing cards are removed from the selection the odd of winning by choosing the joker is increase, this serve as a sort of an incentive for people to participate in the trade promotion.

Note: in the joker jackpot trade promotion, no charges whatsoever small and in any form must be charged.