Gambling, Landbase and Online Casinos in Denmark.

Casino and all form of gambling businesses may be illegal in other countries of the world but in Denmark, they all are legal. On this page are some facts about casino and gambling sector of the Danish economy.

Danish Gambling Authority/ Gambling Authority in Denmark
Spillemynoigheden: the authority that control casino and all other gambling activities in Denmark
Danish Business Authority: This government representative register all form of businesses, including gambling.Denmark Flag

Online Casino and Gambling in Denmark
Online casino and all form of online gambling are legal in Denmark but strictly regulated

Landbase  Casino in Denmark
As online casino and all form of online gambling are legal in Denmark, so are operation of landbase casino and gaming.
Here you can get the list of all the landbase casinos in Denmark.

Central for the Treatment of Problem Gambler in Denmark
If you or anybody you know in Denmark is having problem gambling, there are the six difeerent places you could go for counselling and treatment
– Central for Ludomani
– Frederksberg Centeret
– Majorgarden
– Dansk Misbrugsbehandling
– Forskningsklinikken for Ludomani

Danish Casino and Gaming Association
– Danish Online Gambling Association
– Dansk Automat Brancheforeninig