Minimum Bets | Monte Carlo Casino, Monaco

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Monte Carlo Casino, Monaco boost many different games and so on getting there you could always get the type of games you like to play, be it Roulette, Blackjack, Punto Banco, Ultimate Texas Hold em, Slot and many other.

This page present to you the minimum bets of some of the available games at Monte Carlo Casino, Monaco.


This game is played against the bank with an aim to get points approaching 21 but not surpassing it.

Minimum Bet: €25

Punto Banco::

This is a game which is played to determine whose hand (banker’s or player’s) will be nearest to the value of 9.

Minimum Bet: €40

Ultimate Texas Hold em:

this is a variant of the old Texas Holdem game. In this game players play against dealer and not against themselves.

Minimum Bet: €10

English Roulette:

You play this game by guessing on which number (0-36) the white ball will rest after spinning the machine wheel.

Minimum Bet: €5

French Roulette:

this is same as English Roulette except the number of players and the layout of the machine.

Minimum Bet: €5

Slot Machines:

this is a gambling  machine with 3 or more reels. It is played by inserting a bill into it and when a button is prespd the reels spin.

Minimum Bet: €0.01

Note: the minimum bet value stated for each game above is subject to change anytime without notice.