Must You Wear a Hat to Casino?

wearing hat in casino

I have heard people on many occasions asking these questions, ‘Can I wear a hat to a casino?’, ‘Is it allowed to wear a hat to casino?’, and on and on. As a matter of fact, act of wearing a hat has been with the race of men for very long time and as a hat lover one would like to wear a hat to almost all occasions for there are hats for all and different occasions.

So, when it comes to wearing a hat to some places you have not been to or you have not wear one to especially a casino, you may want to ask the above mentioned questions. It is true to say that there is no generally established rules that favor whether hat should be worn in a casino or not.

Allowing hat to be worn in a casino is a matter of individual casino operator or management decision. Why many casino houses allow hat in the gaming hall, many do not.

Why are some casinos allow wearing a hat in the gaming hall and some are not?

Many casinos do not allow wearing a hat in their gaming hall because they believes it is not part of dressing etiquette to wear a hat when indoor and truly speaking some tradition and profession would not tolerate wearing a hat indoor except on a special situation.

Some other casinos would not allow wearing a hat in the gaming hall purposely for security reason, these organizations believe that hats sometime could cover the face of the wearer, one of such casino is Resort World Santosa, Singapore. It is clearly stated on their website that wearing a hat or any other things that tend to hide the face of the wearer in the gaming hall is prohibited for security reason.

While this is so with Resort World Santosa, casinos like Belle of Baton Rouge, United State of America; Pullman Reef Casino, Australia allow wearing hat in the gaming hall and this is because they tend not to share these ideal. There are many other casinos that do not allow wearing hat in their gaming hall and many other that allow wearing hats.

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If you are planing a visit to a casino you have not been to in a future and you are not familiar with their dressing code most especially wearing of hat, it is recommended to contact the casino management to know whether they allow patrons to wear hat in the gaming hall or not and I think that will save you from embarrassment if you wear it to discover that it is not allowed.