New Jersey: Atlantic City Blacklisted Online Casino

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Online casino and gambling in Atlantic City , New Jersey is legal but the legality is limited. As a resident of New Jersey the law allow you to gamble or play casino games online but with restriction of which if you by-pass the consequence may be a bitter experience.

There are certain online casino sites that have been licensed by the New Jersey Casino Control Commission for the residence of New Jersey to play online games aside which is illegal and punishable under the law of the land.

The approved websites are listed below any website not included are blacklisted, so beware.

“The following internet gaming sites are approved to conduct 24 hours internet gambling in New Jersey. Any site not included on the list is NOT approved to offer internet gaming in the state of New Jersey.”

If you go on to register and play on the site of  casinos not mentioned here as published by the New Jersey Casino Control Commission and you are caught, you are bound to face the wrath of law. If you are not caught but run into trouble water with any of the online casino sites not legalized, you will have to lick the wound youself. there is nowhere within Atlantic city where you can make a report of such website.