Arizona: Fantasy Sport Sites Begin Self Exclusion Campaign

Recently in Arizona, the fantasy sport sites have started to publicly promote self exclusion program on their website. This is done by putting on their sites, link which allow players to sign up for a program that will deactivate their account for a certain period of time.

The program is aimed at helping those with gambling addiction problem minimize the amount of financial harm they can impose on themselves and their families.

Arizona has been at forefront of the campaign against problem gambling. It would be recalled that for more than a decade, they had offered a self exclusion program for Arizona residents, especially those with gambling addiction problem. The program allows individuals to exclude themselves from casinos within and outside Arizona for a period in the range of one year, five years and ten years.

A data from the Arizona Office of Problem Gambling shows more than 2500 participants are currently on the program with many of those who have opted for one and five years exclusion making a renewal after the expiration of the initial exclusion.

The program is said to be a successful tool use by many to treat gambling addiction. The Arizona Office of Problem Gambling work hand in hand with casino operators to make sure that self exclusion patrons are identify and remove from casino floor immediately and if they are able to enter and win, they should be disallowed from claiming such winning bur instead forfeit the money to the charity.

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