BCLC Head Office Made More Than $1 Billion Economic Impact

02.04.2015.  British Columbia Lotterry Corporation head office in Kamloop has been estimated to have made an economic impact in excess of $1 billion since it was opened some thirty years ago. This revelation was made by a renowned economist, Dr Laura Lamb of the Thompson River University (TRU) British Columbia, Canada.

In her study “The Economic and Social Impact of British Columbia Lottery Corporation’s Head Office” show that corporation had generated more than $1 billion for the development of the province. The figure was arrived at by using data from the 2013/14 fiscal year and from 30 british columbia lottery coporation officeyears of operation to estimate the annual cumulative economic impact.

The study roughly calculated annual economic impact of BCLC to be $47.3 million which factors in an annual payroll of $37 million. Also, it was estimated that for every two job at BCLC, one is created in the community for an estimated total annual employment impact of 639 direct and indirect jobs.

The study further show that eighty per cent of employee have completed post primary education and that two third have attended university at some point in their career which resulted in salaries that is higher than average for the city. When all these are taken into consideration and some other factors: in the past thirty years the BCLC has generated more than $1 billion for the province for the development and support of the communities, provincial programs, charitable and community organization.


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