Betsoft Gaming and SlotsMillion Signed Partnership Agreement

Bestsoft Gaming announced it had entered into a partnership agreement with Slotsmillion.

The term of signed agreement allows SlotsMillion to offer two of the Betsoft most entertaining igaming on their platform. The two games in talk are: Slot3 collection of 3D video slots and ToGo suite of mobile slot. The true 3D game is at the forefront of the SlotsMillion quest to offering first Virtual Reality casino experience.

While commenting on the partnership Anna Mackney of Betsoft said, “We are excited to be partnering with SlotsMillion at this vital time in their operation, Players will be able to play Betsoft’s incredible gamesbetsoft; slotsmillion in a whole new way, using the power of Virtual Reality, which will be unlike any other experience currently available. Betsoft is always at the forefront of developing technologies and we are so proud to be working with SlotsMillion and their Virtual Reality casino, the first in the world.”

Mr. Alexandre Tomic, the co-founder of, operator of add, “As we developed our Virtual Reality casino, we realised that we would have to add even more quality games to our current offering. Betsoft was the correct choice as source for these games. Betsoft are devoted to creating a one-of-a-kind iGaming experience, a goal that neatly fits with our own commitment to providing the same to our large base of players around the world. This premium content will create a draw for the players who are always looking for the best, most immersive games on the market
today. They will find that experience with SlotsMillion.”

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