BREXIT: National Casino Forum to Stay Put in ECA

As many companies and organisations in United Kingdom face uncertainty about their futures following BREXIT – British Exit from European Union (EU), one organisation has taken the bull by the horns, by coming out boldly to say it is not leaving the association that bind it and other European members together. The organisation is National Casino Forum.brexit UK flag

The revelation that National Casino Forum is not planning leaving European Casino Association (ECA) at least for now, comes at the 2016 summer meeting of ECA which was held at Casino di Venezia, Venice in Italy.

The revelation was made by Tracy Domestani, ECA Vice Chair and the British casino association representative when he said, the UK Casino Association – National Casino Forum – the sole association for land-based casinos in UK had decided to remain a member of ECA.

Earlier at the meeting, Per Jaidung Chair of ECA said of the BREXIT, ” this is a time when not only the gaming industry but Europe as a whole need to show unity. We should not forget how important the gaming sector is for all Europe in driving business, tourism and work opportunity. As ECA we have the opportunity to bring casino community together and discuss the important question of tomorrow.”

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