Caesers Entertainment Sign a Deal with Sun Country and Via Airline to Expand Total Reward Air

Total Reward Air, Caesers Entertainment Corporation largest domestic charter service is being taken to next level by signing a three years agreement with Sun Country and Via Airline.

Apart from the agreement signing, Total Reward Air program will deploy it new technology which will make it easy for the Total Reward Air members and the others, to book flight and hotel packages at any time, from anywhere. So, this mean the schedule charter flight to Total Reward Air primary destinations – Atlantic City, Biloxi, Nevada, Laughin, Mississippi and Tunica – will include Total Reward Air members and those interested in a flight to one of the leisure reward 2

The expanded Total Reward Air service will include more than 100 flight to it’s above mentioned primary destinations. Sun Country Airline and Via Airline will be the main operating partners and they will serve more than one hundred origin cities across the US and some other major cities in North America market such as Dallas, Atlanta, Chicago, Detroit, Los Angeles, Denver, Edmonton and Toronto as well as smaller region such as Monterreli, California, Bismark, North Dakota, Midland, Texas and Colorado Spring, Colorado.

For the service, Country Airline will operate a Boeing 737 – 700 while Via Airline will operate five Embrear 145 and it will be from private aviation terminal thereby allowing guests to enjoy VIP jet, eliminating long line and early check-in that goes with commercial airline terminal.

It is estimated that more than one hundred thousand passengers Total Reward Air every year.

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