New Jersey: DEQ Launches EZ Baccarat on

DEQ Systems Corp. announced it had launched real-money EZ Baccarat game on in New Jersey.

The EZ Baccarat which was created by the duo of Robin Powell and Mr. Francisco Tejeda of Talisman Group is been powered on the by GAN (Games Account Network) Internet Gaming System of United Kingdom and it is the first real-money baccarat to be launched online.

While commenting on the launched EZ Baccarat online, President and CEO at DEQ Syatems said, “This is another example of our ability to leverage and strategize to reach as many different markets as we possibly can. The EZ Baccarat brand game continues to grow and thrive on multiple platforms and we couldn’t be more proud to launch our first real-money online game with our partners at GAN and EZ Baccarat online emulates a real-world table game

In his own Mr Francisco, co-creator of the EZ Baccarat game said, “Baccarat games have not worked so far on the Internet because they shuffle the cards after every hand. The EZ Baccarat game online does not do that allowing players a way to track the results of the previous hands known as the “roads.” For the vast majority of baccarat players following the roads is what makes the game so entertaining.”

The real-money EZ Baccarat on in New Jersey is available to be played in Chinese and English language and it is available online via GAN internet gaming system and simulated gaming platform. It is distributed by DEQ Systems Corporation.

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