An Essex Man was Sentenced for Engaging in Illegal Gambling Activities

A man by the name Mark Callow was recently received a suspended prison sentence in UK for offering gambling service without a licence and for threats to kill one of his illegal gaming business customers.

For anybody to be able to run any gambling business in UK, they must have licence from UK Gambling Commission or other recognized jurisdiction gaming authority.

At the court proceeding, Callow 50, a resident of Billericay, Essex
admitted to engaging in illegal gambling activities and threats to kill one of his customers.

A court testimony was held against Callow how he used to approach his innocent customers at racetrack, cunningly taking bet from them on events schedule to happen in the future.

The court judgement handed Callow a 12 months jail and was suspended for 2 years for threat to kill. He was also handed a 4 months jail term and was suspended for another 2 years for doing gambling business without a licence.

On top of these, Callow will have to also complete 150 hours of community service, subjected to 10 years refraining order which translate to mean he cannot contact a complainant involved in the case.

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