An Ex-Gym Coach Pleaded Guilty of Embezzling Money from Charity Poker

An ex-gym teacher and basketball coach by the name Timothy Phipps, on the 8th of March, 2016 has pleaded guilty to embezzling the money from the charity poker events that were meant to help a local school district.

The man 49, a resident of Flint in Michigan is guilty of the state law which says that the net proceeds
from charitable gaming must be devoted exclusively to the charity’s lawful purposes and he is now being directed to refund the sum of $33,000, the money which is called a ”restitution cost”.

A publication from the Michigan Gaming Control Board stated that Mr. Phipps had been charged with using money from almost two dozen charity events for Kearsley district school for his own personal gain. About $17,000 never made it to the school or booster bank accounts.

The Investigators say that Phipps got licenses to hold charity poker games at Gloria’s Poker Palace and Pocket Aces by forging the signatures of the officials who were supposed to approve the gambling. Then he siphoned off some of the proceeds for his
own use.

Phipps pleaded guilty in January, but was sentenced Tuesday. He had faced one felony count and two misdemeanor counts related
to the gambling accusations.

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