Firekeeper Casino Hotel Opens Swarovski Jewelry Store

Firekeeper Casino Hotel recently add another store with the name: Swarovski Jewelry Store to it property. As it’s name imply the addition store design, create and market high quality crystal product collection in form of jewelries good for personal use and as gift to other.

Swarovski jewelry store located in the main lobby is expected to offer the guests a kind of service and product they have long expected to come.

The opening of the store increases the number of Firekeeper Casino Hotel retail outlets providing different services and selling different products. The store is opening just in time for the holiday and December Christmas season.firekeeper swarovski store

Some of the items expected to be on display in the store are jewelries, accessories, decorative items, ornaments and figurines. They are all suitable items for personal use and as gift to others.

Firekeeper guests have the opportunity to use their earned points to shop for any of the high quality products on display at the store. Swarovski jewelry store is displaying new collection of items at various time of the year.

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