Georgia: Casino Shangri La Honours with Golden Brand Award

shangri la casino

Tbilisi, Georgia base casino, Casino Shangri La had been named one of the recipient of this year Golden Brand Award.

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The Golden Brand Award is a well-known and highly recognised honour in Georgia that is designed to appreciate company for good service and brand for a unique stand out.

Shangri La Casino was presented with the award -the most prestigious among the business community in Georgia- for providing best service, adhere to all the international gaming rules, regulations and standard and for providing all the necessary security as required by the local and international gaming regulator as no other companies in it’s sector were able to do.

By receiving this award, Shangri la casino, one of the top 100 highest paid tax company in Georgia get it two yeras in a row.

Golden Brand Award is organise by Global Idea of Georgia and The Financial.

For a company or a brand to get the award among others, a survey must have been conducted on the company or the brand by league of professionals from different sectors of the Georgia economy and after which a poll is conducted among the consumers of the brand and the customers or user of the company service.

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