Golden Casino Group Plans New Investment On Parhump Properties

Golden Casino Group, a divison of Golden Entertainment Incorporation announced February 4, 2016 that it is making a new investment on it’s three Parhump casino properties.

According to publication on the company website, among the projects on which the new investment are expected to be made are:

Re-branding of the group players and retail reward program. The Golden Casino Group reward program which was formerly known as Club Nugget will be re-branded as Gold Mine Reward. It is one-card golden casino groupsolution enabling all guests (gaming and retail) to reward across the three Parhump properties. Tag ”3 Casinos | 3X Reward” the program feature new and easier to achieve club tiers and floor wide community bonuses. The new program enable members to earn and redeem points at any of the three properties using a single card.

Note guests on Club Nugget or G Club will lose nothing upon Gold Mine Reward going live. All their earned points and comp dollars will be transitioned over to the new system.

Golden Casino Group will also make an investment on remodeling and improvement of bingo rooms at the Nugget and Gold Town. Nugget bingo vaults and Gold Town bingo barns feature new bingo tech and player friendly program. Bingo vault features an enclosed smoking section and non-smoking area while bingo barn is a non smoking room.

Gold Town Casino will have it’s dinning option remodeled and new concept introduced. The casino Calico and Buffet will be transformed into new two outlets: Back Porch Cafe featuring all-American fare in a coffee shop style eatery and Slices & Scoops, a rustic Italian pizza and ice cream shop.

And lastly new marquee will be erected at the Parhump Nugget on Highway 160. This marquee will have a new digital board that will display the property all promotions, amenities and special events.

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