Intralot Group Awarded Contract with Polla Chilena de Beneficencia SA

Intralot Group was recently awarded ten years contract with Chilean state government own gaming organisation, Polla Chilena de Beneficencia SA.

The contract will see Intralot providing integrated itech solution and service and operational support services to Polla Chilena de Beneficencia SA.

The contract which was won after a keenly contested procurement process comes with an option for two years extension and within the initial first ten years, Intralot Group will install some of it’s advance innovation of the decade – Loto O/S Gaming System, 2700 Proton polla chelinaTerminals, Digital Imaging Technology and 800 Genion Multi Funtional Terminal – in Polla Chelina point of sales throughout the country.

Intralot will also redesign Polla Chilena gaming portal using it’s high tech console – Intralot Gaming Console (IGC), a management and content delivery platform – and by offering it modern native mobile applications for lottery and sport betting to the Chilean players.

There is also an agreement that Intralot will make available it Horizon Platform for the delivery of multimedia content on screen installed in Polla Chelina store.

To the fixed odd betting. Intralot will improve the Xperto FOB game using it iFlex platform, couple with world class trading and sport betting management services.

The final part of the contract agreement will see Intralot renovating Polla Chilena e-instant game portfolio and look-and-feel with it’s Remote Gaming System (RGS).

Polla Chelina is a state own organization. It operate numerical instant lottery and sport betting games in Chile.

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