Lui Che Woo’s Galaxy Entertainment Group Launched Eletric Buses

galaxy entertainment group

Galaxy entertainment Group, the company own by the Hong Kong base billionaire casino mogul Lui Che Woo has become the first gaming operator in Macau to introduce electric passenger buses for the transport of their numerous customers and staffs around the city.

The publication on the gaming company official website stated that, the decision to introduce the use of electric passenger buses was in response to the agitation of global governments and especially Macau’s for both private and public companies to try and do something to reduce carbon emission so as to reduce the harmful effect that it cause to our environment.

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Galaxy Entertainment Group now said they hope to increase the number of such vehicles in future to help the Macau’s government achieve her ”creating green living together” objective as proposed in Macau Environmental Protection Conception Planning (2010- 2020)

The electric passenger buses were introduce in 2017 after several months of performance assessment and trial operation. With the buses the company hope the roadside air quality will be improved, thereby serve as an answer to the call of the secretariat for transport and public work and transport bureau to convert to new energy buses.

The buses have already been put in service carrying the company visitors on it border gate route.

These buses minimize harmful effect on the environment by reducing air pollution which are cause by the carbon emmission diesel engine buses.

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