Monticello Casino Becomes Chile First Casino to Get Placement of Pulse Arena

Monticello Casino will be the first casino in the history of gaming in Chile and the Latin America to be installed with Pulse Arena in company of Sisun Sun gaming bar. The placement is been done by interblock, an America popular and respected gaming company.

The products are among the most recent high tech gaming devices from the stable of the company.

Launched in 2015 at the Global Gaming Expo, Pulse Arena which was said to be the first of it kind in gaming market, is an hybrid gaming device that create player gaming experience as of a social atmosphere.

Pulse Arena, a multi-games product features live DJs, dealers, selection of customized and un-customized environment which a user can adjust as his liken.

While Sisun Sun Gaming Bar is an interactive social gaming environment which hold largest video wall in Chile. It enhance the gaming experience of a player by bringing together live host, interactive terminal and thereby form a branded mood that meet the need of the player.

While commenting on the products, Patricio Herman, Sun Dreams Gaming Business Director of Latin America said, “SiSun Gaming Bar extends the comprehensive entertainment offered by Sun Monticello. New sensations are incorporated into the experience of customers and visitors with a unique combination that we exclusively prepare to live in SiSun Gaming Bar: music, dance, animation, images, games and bets in one place. We are happy to have this new entertainment offer exclusively at Sun Monticello for Chile and first in Latin America.”

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