Olympic Entertainment Group Acquired Two More Casinos

Olympic Entertainment Group (OEG) the biggest casino operator in Estonia and one of the biggest in the Baltic countries has acquired two more slot casinos to the existing ones they control.

The two casinos were acquired from another Estonia base casino operator: Casino Cleopatra OU. The acquired has to do with the two slot casinos which Casino Cleopatra own and operate in Talinn, the country state capital.

The term of agreement only permit Olympic Entertainment Group (OEG) to take over the business aspect of the slot casino, OEG does not buy into Casino Cleopatra OU, it did not take up any of it share.olympic casino estonia

The two recently acquired casinos has now swell the number of the casino which OEG own and operate in Estonia to twenty (20). Before then they own and operate eighteen casinos and the largest part of them are located in Tallinn

Both companies management are however declined to make the amount of money included in the transaction public.

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