Pinnacle Entertainment Board Approved $50M Stock Re-purchase Program

Pinnacle Entertainment, Inc. announced today – 27th May, 2016- that its Board of Directors has authorized a $50 million stock repurchase program.pinnacle entertainment

Anthony Sanfilippo, Chief Executive Officer of Pinnacle, while commenting on the approved stock repurchase program said, “Our senior leadership and board of directors strongly believe that our free cash flow profile, growth prospects, long-term strategy and ability to execute on our operations represents an attractive investment opportunity. We are pleased that our strong balance sheet and free cash flow generation allows us to capitalize on this by repurchasing our shares, while at the same time continuing to invest in our existing businesses and pursue external growth opportunities. The stock repurchase program announced today is a reflection of our conviction in our strategy, the strength of our businesses and our commitment to delivering long-term value for our shareholders. We intend to fund the share repurchase program with cash flow from operations.”

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