Plainridge Park Casino Fined for Violating State Alcohol Rules

The Massachusetts Gaming Commission (MassGaming), Monday 8, August 2016 handed Plainridge Park Casino a fine of $10,000.00 for violating the state rules on the alcohol beverage storage and distribution requirement.massachusetts gaming commission

In accordance with Mass. General Law chapter 23K, § 36, the Investigations and Enforcement Bureau (IEB) of the Massachusetts
Gaming Commission has assessed Plainridge Park Casino (PPC) with a civil administrative penalty in the agreed-upon amount of $10,000
for alcohol storage and distribution violations. The IEB identified
incidents of noncompliance regarding G.L. c. 23K, § 26(e); 205
CMR 136.07(7); 205 CMR 138.12; Section 138.12 of PPC’s Internal
Controls; and the conditions attached to PPC’s gaming beverage
licenses. PPC is subject to strict rules and regulations pertaining to
alcohol storage and distribution.

As part of the IEB’s monitoring duties, all IEB gaming agents assigned to PPC perform random and unannounced checks to ascertain compliance with regulations and internal controls.

During the period of April 19, 2016 to May 8, 2016, gaming agents
observed seven incidents of non-compliance pertaining to alcohol storage requirements involving unsecured doors to refrigerators containing alcohol.

During the period of April 24, 2016 to May 7, 2016, IEB gaming agents
observed 13 incidents of noncompliance regarding alcohol
distribution. In these instances, gaming agents observed the delivery of more than two drinks to an individual patron at a time, which is contrary to regulations adopted by the Gaming Commission.

PPC, on its own initiative, proactively took the following steps to remedy the violations: Additional training was delivered to all PPC bartenders. New signage was placed in every bar on the property delineating the prohibited alcohol distribution rules Increased manager oversight. Disciplinary discussions with several employees.
One employee termination for repeated violations.

By agreeing to the administrative penalty, PPC waived its rights to an adjudicatory hearing on this matter.

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