32Red Was Handed a £2 Million Fine For Not Doing Enough to Protect A Customer.

32red online casino

That popular online gambling site operator, 32Red a member of Kindred Group PLC have just been punished for not doing enough to protect a customer from gambling related harm and money laundering failure.

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The incident that called for the punishment been put on 32Red was an investigation on their dealing with a customer who made a deposit of £753,000 with them between Nov. 2014 and April 2017.

The investigation shows that during the time, 22 incidents occured which suggest that the customer in question was a problem gambler but instead of 32Red to put him on check they continue offering the customer free bonuses.

To this, 32Red was found guilty of failed social responsibility and money laundering check, therefore Gambling Commission of UK dim it fit to fine them the sum of £2 million.

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According to a publication on Gambling Commission of UK website, some of the indication of harms show by the customer included admission to 32Red staffs that they had spend too much gambling, displaying frustration and chasing losses.

The investigation also revealed that 32Red did not do anything to ascertain that the customer could afford their spending on their site.

A gambling commissioner said, “It is parts of gambling rules that operator must take action when they discovered a sign of problem gambling on a customer. Therefore they have to always review all the customers they are having a dealing with”.

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