Shoreline Casino is Moving to The City of Peterborough

An announcement had been made of Ontario Gaming East Limited Partnership plans to develop and operate a new multipurpose entertainment property in The City of Peterborough, Ontario. If things go according to plan, that will translate to moving gaming facilities at Kewartha Downs to the new location in Peterborough.

Great Canadian Gaming Corporation the majority share holder of Ontario Gaming East Limited Partnership (OGELP) says in it publication that the planned new entertainment property will be named Shoreline Casino Peterborough when completed and it will features various non-gaming amenities to complement a gaming floor which comprises slot machines and table games.

The neccessary arrangement to facilitate the smooth take off of the construction of the new entertainment facility is on going with the city of Peterborough in accordance with the city official zoning and bylaw procedure.

The property will be sited on 1400 Crawford drive.

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