Winstar World Casino Gets EZ Baccarat Tables

DEQ System Corporation announced January 8, 2016 that Winstar World Casino is the latest gaming operator to have EZ Baccatrat table game on it gaming floor.

With the installation at Winstar World Casino, DEQ is able to reach a milestone in it effort to expand EZ Baccarat brand and increase the number of the game new installation. The latest installation increases the number of EZ Baccarat game table DEQ is able to install to 750 in not less than 130 casinos world-wide.ez baccarat image

EZ Baccarat is available on multiple platforms online, electronic gaming machines and live dealer terminal.

Winstar World Casino will be the first Oklahoma casino to offer EZ Baccarat to the growing Asian players base in the region.

While commenting on the achievement Joe Bertolone, President and CEO of DEQ System said, “We’re thrilled to be working with WinStar to bring EZ Baccarat to its growing base of Asian players in Texas and Oklahoma, This has helped DEQ reach a major milestone in expanding the EZ Baccarat brand and add to the increasing number of new installations around the world.”

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