Sheldon Adelson Remains the Richest Casino and Gambling Mogul

The Chairman and Chief Executive Officer of Sands Incorporation, Mr. Sheldon Adelson remains the richest casino and gambling moguls for more than six consecutive years. The release by the Forbes’ ‘List of the World Billionaires for 2015’ shows Mr. Adelson with the net worth of $32 billion dollars and this make him the number twelve (12) richest person in the world.

Though the latest ranking  shows that the Las-Vegas resident casino man dropped from number 8 – the position he was the previous year – with a net worth of  $36.4 billion dollars, that does make him not to be the richest casino and gambling billionaire.Sheldon Adelson 2

Year 2014 Forbes ranking was the first time and the only time until the time this article was written that he was among the ‘The Top Ten Richest People in the World’. He has been among the top 20 billionaires in the world since 2011.

Mr Sheldon Adelson of Sands Incorporation –the name of parent company of all his casino and hotel businesses – struck great success with the establishment of casinos in Macau – the world biggest casino market – and  Marina Sand Bay, Singapore. It would be recalled that the man once said that “he made the greatest gambling of his life by establishing casinos in Macau”. He entered the Macau casino and gambling market at the time when for the first time, the city was being opened for the foreign participants in the growing gambling sector of its economy. His gamble paid off as he once said he recouped his invested money within one year of his entering the Macau market.