Dublin-Northern Ireland-Casinos Review. Penthouse Casino and Cardclub

There are many casinos in Northern Ireland but in the city of Dublin there are only two. The two casinos in the city are Penthouse Casino and Card Club and Fitzwilliam Casino and Card Club. If you are living in Dublin, in one of the neighbor cities or you are just on a visit and you are looking for a place to play games and unwind you can check Penthouse Casino and Card Club. Check their Facilities and offers

poker spadePenthouse Casino and Card Club Facilities        There are 13 games tables on standby for you to play any game on *10 slots machines on which dozen of slot games can be played *VIP rooms with private balcony for only you and your group *Enough car parking space for the visiting car owners *Expansive gaming hall that can accommodate more than five hundred people.   *Comfortable and egocentric slot chairs for the game slot machine user *Separate and well ventilated room for the smoker gamblers and others.penthouse casino

poker heartOffers and Bonuses                                      Free bet up $10 on joining the Penthouse Casino and Card Club *Discount party for members *As a member you have free access to Wright venue *There is free bet and cash match promotion at Thursday slot club *Available games on offer are Blackjack, American Roulette, Baccarat, Slot games and poker games (Raise’em and 3 card poker)

Note: From time to time promotion is held everyday,weekly and on monthly basis. Any of these offer is subject to change at any time.