3. Hawaiian Garden Casino Los Angeles

Hawaiian Garden Casino is one of the numerous casinos situated in Los Angeles in U.S.A. It is one of the biggest casinos in the California County; it is the second biggest in term of the number of game tables they parade. It is housed in one of the smallest and one of the seven cities in Los Angeles that allow gambling and that is Hawaii and of course it name is derive from the city.  

The casino was built in the year 1996 with a membrane tent in form of a dome, it is the only casino so built and because it resemble a dome in appearance that is why many Hawaiian and other poker players call the it “The Dome”, but just recently the city authority sign an agreement with a popular building construction company in California to rebuilt the structure but this time with concrete, this is expected to give the casino a new, beautiful and modern look. Presently the dome is on 57,596 square feet of floor area and from this are 45,858 square feet of gaming area.

Though the Hawaiian casino was built in 1996 game was not played there until the following year and that Hawaiian casinowas 1997, it is only a card-room casino, they don’t operate slot machine and as at the time this article was being put together they had 175 registered game tables with which games like Poker Hold’em, Blackjack, Seven card stud, Seven card stud Hi-lo split, Pan 7, 3 card poker, Ez Baccarat, Pai Gow Tile, Omaha HI-lo split, Omaha, Ultimate Texas Hold’em and many other card games are play.

The Hawaiian casino is said to be the largest single employer of labor in the city employ more than 1000 workers. It is also believed to be the largest sources of revenue for the city, for 65% of the city revenue is generated from it.

To be a player there you must be over 18 years of age and you must have a positive identification card with this you will have access to unlimited poker games they parade.  

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