1. Commerce Casino, Commerce City

Among about eighty eight casino situated in the city of California the commerce casino is claimed to be the largest of them all and even in the whole world, as at the time of writing this article it parade 243 game tables for it teeming poker players who flock in from around California and all over the world.

The Commerce casino is own by the California commerce club, their president is Chris Maroe. The card room casino have about 200 hotel rooms and it has a workforce of more than 1000 worker raking in about $143,00,00.00 in revenue annually

All over the world any game of skill will be considered legal, thus the Commerce casino can boost to be running a legal business having been licensed by the state of California Gaming Commission, the state body that regulate all the gaming activities within it cities.commerce casino

Not only is it the largest card room casino, it is also the first casino to have a university call Commerce casino university where they offer free poker lesson to the upcoming poker player on a selected day. They are also able to give necessary and free instruction to anybody that need it through their able and highly experience dealer staffs on all the available poker games. They operate 24hours 7days, so it business and entertainment all through the week.

Customer safety is their utmost priority at commerce casino, they provide adequate security for any players and their properties and as highly discipline as they are smoking is not allow in the poker room but in a separate non-gaming room provide for the smokers.

In a single day as many a 1000 poker players ply commerce casino playing different type of poker games such as Omaha, Baccarat, Pai Gow poker, Super Nine, Three Card poker, Mexican Poker and host of other poker card game. Apart from playing poker game, organizing a party, seminars and all other occasion are allowed within their premises.

Always are pokers game tournament organize. There are daily, weekly and monthly and even yearly tournament and you know what the beginners are allowed and anybody above 21 years old.

Everything that will make playing poker easier for each player is provided among which is the provision of ATM machine should in case there is an urgent need of withdrawal of money and they have player cash kiosk which allow each player to obtain cash in advance from their from their credit card. 

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