Top 3 Card Room Casinos in the State of California

The state of California as you may know is one of the states in the united state of America that allow running commercial casino but only the card room casino. Only a card room casinos are allow because card game is believe to be a game of skill rather than a game of chance.hawaiian casino california

The California gaming commission the body that is shoulder with the responsibility of controlling all the gaming activities in the state until now only license eighty eight (88) number of card room casino and those are sited in the cities which allow gambling – not all cities allow gambling in California.commerce casinobicycle casino

Among these eighty eight numbers of casino, three are at the top of the activities, they are the largest in term of the number of game table they have at their disposal for game at once.

In this article we only consider those poker rooms that parade more than 100 game tables and our research show that only three card room casinos are in this category.
The like of hustler casino, are all having lesser than 100 game tables at the time of writing this article.

We are making a countdown of these three casino that qualified to be in this category.

3     2     1     0