Age Limit, Dress Code, Entrance Fee | Monte Carlo Casino, Monaco

monte carlo casino age limit, dress code

If you are a part of regular visitors to Monte Carlo Casino, Monaco you may not be new to the information contained on this page but if not, you need it, especially if you are preparing for your first visit to the property.

This page provide you with basic things -casino hours, dress code, entrance fee, gambling age limit and more- you need to know before you ever go to Monte Carlo Casino, Monaco.

Monte Carlo Casino Hours:

14.00 to 4.00 (2pm to 4am)

Casino Entrance Fee: €17

Monte Carlo Age Limit:

18 years or older. If you are on a first visit you may be asked to provide an identification documents.

A visitor to the municipality may show international passport. Others can show recognised government ID documents or the casino card.

Monte Carlo Casino Dress Code:

The dress code at Monte Carlo Casino is more than neat smart casual as with many casinos in US.

To be allowed entrance you have to dress formally always.


You may not wear hat. You can wear it from home but will not be allowed into gaming floor

You cannot not wear sunglasses into the casino

Wearing military uniform is not allowed

You cannot wear sleeve-less shirt

You can not wear garden and bathroom slippers

Clothes with offensive words written on it is not allowed

You cannot wear shorts

Women cannot wear jeans and leggings

Wearing of any form of swim suit is not allowed

Wearing of jacket and a piece of tie is compulsory for men on an evening visit to the casino, especially when they may want to enter private gaming room.