Eko Hotels and Suites Convection Centre Price

eko hotel convention centre

You must have been on this web page hoping to get price for that popular and one of the biggest event centre in Lagos – Eko Hotel Convection Centre.

Instead of giving you the price charge by the management of the hotel for their Convention Center we shall tell you how to contact them to know the current price.

Price to rent Eko Hotel Convection Centre can change at anytime without prior notice. If we give you the price today it may change tomorrow. The price of Eko Hotel Convention Centre can vary depending of various factors which includes but not limited to duration of hours the guests want to use, the type of facilities he may want the management to make available for the event and the number of guests expected.

How to Know The Current Price

To know the current price of the Eko Hotel Convection Centre, you can contact the hotel management using one or all of the under listed contact numbers, you will get a cordially reply. If you use mail or fax, they will promptly reply you.

Phone Numbers

+234 1 2777 2700 or +234 1 460610 (ext: 6125, 6203, 6079, 6297, 6215, 6125)

Fax: +234 1 270 4071

E-MAIL: info@ekohotels.com



The Convention Capacities and Facilities

Floor space: 5151 sq ft

Able to Hold: 270 exhibition booths

Can Hold Conference Event of 3000 people

Able to Hold: 6000 people in concert

Facilities includes but not limited to sound systems, bright and colourful lighting, movable stage and carpet.