Play Free Poker Tournament for Fun

Free poker tournament is a poker competition which is conducted primarily for fun. The players in the competition are engaged in a series of poker games for fun and at no ‘cost of entry’.

It is however a common practice that this form of poker tournaments are organize by the entertainment companies that were paid by the host venue to have the tournament conducted on their premises and it should be well noted that no money or anything of value is allow to be wagered by players during the competition. poker game poker table

In some countries and states, this form of poker tournaments are allowed only in a hotel and club house provided no money or anything of value are wagered or participating players and others are required to make an entry payment, make a compulsory donation, membership subscription or purchase some goods before they could be allowed into the poker tournament.

In free poker tournament using of gaming chip or play money is not consider illegal in as much as there is no cost to purchase the chip or the play money.

Free poker tournament could be organized at any location so far it is well conducted according to the rules and regulation that guide it. So whenever you are attending a so call free poker game or tournament, bear all these in mind.