Resort Fee | Cromwell Hotel Casino, Las Vegas

cromwell hotel casino, las vegas

How much does Cromwell Hotel, Las Vegas takes for Resort fee? The answer is right here on this page. The page does not only tell you the resort fee at Cromwell but also the type of services the fee covers for you while staying in the resort.

Cromwell Hotel Casino Resort Fee

$37 per night. This includes tax

The Services The Resort Fee Covers

The resort fee give a guest access to services such as:

Free WiFi access to two devices

Free all local telephone call

Access to fitness center (2 daily)

Upgrade to premium WiFi speed

Resort Fee For Using Complimentary Rooms

Occupancy of complimentary rooms at Cromwell Las Vegas pays resort fee of $50 including tax and no-show fee.

Caesars Reward Diamond and Seven Stars card holders don’t pay resort fee.