Restaurants and Bars | South Point Hotel Casino, Las Vegas

south point casino restaurant

South Point Casino Las Vegas has many restaurants that cater for the appetite need of various people from around the world, be it a Chinese, Japanese, Mexican, American and more. Even the veggies has provision made for them at all of these restaurants.

Some of the South Point Casino Restaurants are

Garden Buffet: popular among the number of restaurants at South Point Casino is Garden Buffet which has six cooking stations serving cuisines from Asia, America, Mexico, Italy, seafood and barbecue. If crab legs buffet is all you crave for, you’ll get it there. Garden Buffet is open 7 am – 10 pm.

Steak and Shake: steak is not serve at this casual restaurant as you might thought because of the name. The restaurant is known for steakburger – from which it name comes from- and milkshakesouth point hotel casino restaurants

Baja Miguels Mexican Restaurant: if you crave for any Mexican cuisine this is where you must come. They serve variety of Mexican dishes including but not limited to guacamole, salsa, tostada and frosty margarita.

Zenzhin Asian Restaurant: this fine restaurant is opens 11am – 11pm, Sunday – Thursday; and 11am – 1am, Friday – Saturday. They serve dishes from Asian countries especially Japan. Other dishes like desserts, salads, noodles and entree are also available

Big Sur Oyster Bar: this is a restaurant that serve seafood such as crab legs, fresh fish, lobster, mussels and oyster. Make to order dishes is available if that is what you want.

Coronado Cafe: opens 24 hours and serve American, Chinese and other international foods for breakfast, lunch and dinner.

Del Mar Deli: this is a casual restaurant where you can have a quick bite on salad, soup, pizza, corn beef and other dishes. Opens 8am – 10pm everyday.

Michael Gourmet Room: a 50 seats restaurant for everybody. Known for the delivery one of the best restaurant service in Las Vegas. the restaurant has received many accolades for it unrivaled services.

Primarily Prime Rib Restaurant: if you are hunger to eat prime rib this is where you can get it at it finest.

Don Vito’s Italian Restaurant: from the name you can tell the type of the food this restaurant serve. The restaurant serve all sort of Italian dishes. Opens 5pm + 10pm Sunday – Thursday and 5pm – 11pm Friday – Saturday

Silverado Steakhouse serve best of the best American steak couple with seafood and other variety of cuisine.