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Top 10 Richest Casino Owners in the World

top 10 richest casino owners in the world

This year list of Forbes’ world richest people had been published successfully. In the list are people who had made billion dollar in value wealth by doing all sort of businesses one can think of in the world.

This page will look into those in the Forbes richest list who make billion running casino business.

In total there are about eighteen people on the world richest list in the casino business, but we will consider top 10 among them.

On the world richest casino owners’ list are three set of people from the same families

The first set are James Douglas Parker and Gretel Parker son and daughter of the deceased Australia born casino and media magnate Mr. Kerry Parker. James make top 10 but Gretel is not.

The second set are Pansy Ho, Angela Leong and her brother, all of them from Stanley Ho -Macau casino game-lord- dynasty. Two of them make top ten richest but one is not.

Frank Fertitta and his brother Lorenzo Fertitta are among the world richest casino owners but none not in the top 10.

In the past Kirk Kerkorion, Stanley Ho and Neil Bluhm used to be in the list but not this time around. Kirk Kerkerion is dead. Mr. Stanley Ho has distribute his wealth among his children while Neil Bluhm wealth nose-dive.

Among the top 10, three people are from America, three from Macau, two from Malaysia, one from Australia and one from Spain.

Having done a bit of preamble, we shall start to look at each of the people that make the list of Top 10 Richest Casino Owners in The World. We start from the least richest and he is

10. Manuel Lao Hernandez: $3 billion.