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Best All You Can Eat Buffet, Kelowna, Okanagan

all you can eat and unlimited crab legs buffet

In Kelowna, Okanagan, British Columbia there are many places where all “all you can eat buffet” are available for anybody craving it can have his appetite satisfied.

So, in the city you can easily get a place where Chinese buffet, Japanese Buffet (sushi), American Buffet, Mexican Buffet, Italian Buffet, Indian Buffet and more are served either as breakfast, brunch, lunch, or dinner at reasonable prices.

The scope of this website allow us to mention just restaurants in the casinos where buffet is been served and surprisingly both two existing casinos in Kelowna are known to have buffet on regular in their dining option.

The Places For All You can Eat Buffet

The Buffet : Lakecity Casino Kelowna
1300 Water Street, Kelowna, BC V1Y 9P3 Canada
Tel: (250) 860-9467

The Buffet: Playtime Casino, Kelowna
1300 Water Street Kelowna, BC, V1Y 9P3
Tel: (250) 860 9467

Lakecity Casino and Playtime Casino are the places where people far and near especially the residents of West Kelowna Estate, Sharon Lake, Rose Valley, Smith Creek, Westbank and Lakeview Height get buffet to satisfy there appetite.

So, these two places can be said to offer the best casino buffet in Kelowna, Okanagan