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Gambling, Online and Land base Casino Games, Nova Scotia

Province of Nova Scotia, Canada does not parade as many casinos and other gambling venues as the provinces of Ontario and British Columbia do. There are just only two legally operated casinos in Nova Scotia. Gaming in the province is strictly regulated and that is more reason why not many casinos and other forms of gambling are allowed. Just to make sure that gaming activities are fair and honest, detail transaction of your activities are monitored and regulatory bodies are founded.

Gaming Authorities, Nova Scotia
Nova Scotia Alcohol and Gaming Division (NSAGD): this government organization regulates registration of gaming companies for casino operators.
Nova Scotia Provincial Lottery and Casino Corporation (NSPLCC): this is also government representative that regulates casino operations.

Casino and Gaming Operators, Nova Scotia
Atlantic Lottery Corporation:  Operates the lottery and bingonova scotia flag
British Columbia Lottery Corporation: Operates the two casinos in Nova Scotia

Land base Casinos, Nova Scotia
There are just only two casinos in Nova Scotia and they are Casino Nova Scotia, Halifax and Casino Nova Scotia, Sydney.

Online/Internet Casino Nova Scotia
Only one organization offer online gaming service in Nova Scotia and that is Atlantic Lottery Corporation. it is the only legal online gaming site operator in Nova Scotia but does not offer casino type of games –baccarat, roulette, Texas Hold’em and others.

Gambling Ages, Nova Scotia:
Gambling ages in Nova Scotia Varies. In casino it is a rule that nobody below the age of 19 should be allowed in to gaming hall. But bingo hall owner would have to decide which age to permit and which not to permit.