The Card Jackpot | Joker Wild Game

What is a card jackpot? A card jackpot is a game of chance which involves the use of 52 cards plus a joker laying face down on a board, with participants of the game expected to pick the joker from among the cards in other to win a prize. The game, by some other is called Joker Wild and Wild card. In the event of picking a card but the joker is not drawn the card jackpot and the draw are repeated on another time.

The card jackpot is used for a trade promotion or raise fund for non profit organization just like the joker jackpot but the process of it conduct is differ. Because the card jackpot is meant for a trade promotion it is unlawful for the participants to make to be paidcard jackpot money before they can enter the game or made to pay to enter a raffle, a winner of which is allowed to turn over a card in order to win a price. If the aforementioned are done in the process of conducting a card jackpot then that game will be pronounced illegal.

Permit should be taken from the necessary gaming authority and the rules and regulations that guide the conduct of the game must be strictly follow before it can be certified that the game is legally conducted.

As an organizer of card jackpot it is worthy to note that the terms and conditions of the propose Card Jackpot game are clearly state and be paste where people will see it at the venue the game will be held. It must contain particular as it is contained in the attached standard terms and conditions and the game must be held at a place where public can attend and in accordance with information provided.

Entry into card jackpot can be gained by purchasing one or two products of the organizer or by purchasing a raffle ticket if the game is put up to raise fund for non profit organization/charity. Upon satisfying the entry requirement the patron is then given a ticket in the trade promotion, a ticket with number and which cannot be reused.

After the draw, the winner must be clearly and audibly announced so that all the attendees who have a ticket will hear the announcement. If the winner fail to show up himself or herself after 4 minutes -at minimum- from the time of the announcement a further draw can be made and the process continue until a successful entrant present herself.