The Game of Art Union Lottery

An Art Union Lottery is a lottery where the total value of the prize to be won is not more than $25000. The prize value can be money, services or other tangible objects, but the fact is when the service or the other tangible objects are value they should not be more than $25000.

An Art Union can only be conducted to raise money/funds for non profit organization and this can be done only by obtaining a permit from the necessary gaming regulatory authority, a condition without which can lead to a prosecution. And if the Art Union is been art union lotteryorganized for charity purpose, the organizer must be authorized by the charity organization to do so.

One other thing about an Art Union is that anybody can take the permit but the person must be endorse by the management committee, the directors or the employer of the non-profit organization he/she is representing.

After the permit might have been approved it is important to note that the lottery must be conducted within the next six months from the date the permit was granted.

Any prize except the following are not allow to be given in Art Union lottery:
Money prize that exceed $2500.
Liquor prize over 20litres.
Cosmetic surgery and other products design to improve personal appearance.
Prohibited weapon
Firearms and ammunition

Note: it illegal for a liquor prize to be sold by or for a person under the age of 18. Also it is not allow for a person under the age of 18 to collect or be given a liquor prize.