The Meaning of Great Canadian Gaming Corporation Logo

 Great Canadian Gaming Corporation is the biggest operator of casinos and gaming facilities in the entire Canada, having more than 17 gaming properties and facilities scattered throughout country and abroad.

The corporation has it’s headquarter at 2080 United Boulevard, Coquitlam, BC V3K 6W3 and it is a publicly traded gaming company.

Any organisation – whether private or public – logo say something about it. It is either about what they do, what they belief or what their mission is. But did you know any thing about the logo of Great Canadian Gaming Corporation? The  company you love so dearly. You never give it a thought.

Here is their logo and it interpretation.

The picture below is the Great Canadian Gaming Corporation logo. It is represented by a great canadian gaming corporation logogreen leaf like image with Great Canadian Gaming Corporation written beside it.

The image is not a leaf but of Spade – one of the four suite of the poker card. It represent the kind of service (casino and gambling) which Great Canadian Gaming Corporation provide and deeply involved in.

The spade is made of green colour which symbolises energy and growth, both of which are the hallmarks of the company. Great Canadian Gaming Corporation is energetic and it constantly grows.

Have you ever hear the word “evergreen”? Great Canadian Gaming Corporation is evergreen, their services, program, every things about them are new everyday.