Treasure Island Hotel Check-In Time, Shuttle Service, Smoke Free


Treasure Island Casino Hotel, Las Vegas check-in and check-out time is no different from all other hotel casinos or resort casinos around it.

Treasure Island Hotel Check-In and Check-Out Time:

Check-In Time: in actual fact the standard check-in time at Treasure Island Hotel Las Vegas is 3pm, but if a guest wish to check-in earlier than the approved standard time he/she will have to pay an additional cost of $30. With that he is able to check-in as early as 10am.

Check-Out Time standard time is 11am but a guest can check-out as late as 3pm at an additional cost of $30. If the guest want to stay even longer an additional rate will apply. Contact front desk staffs for details.

Treasure Island, Las Vegas Smoke Free?

Treasure Island Casino is not totally smoke free. A guest cannot smoke in the hotel room. There are many other parts of the property where you cannot smoke. If you are caught smoking at smoke prohibited area, you will be fined with what is called “cleaning fee.”

However, smoking is not prohibited in the casino main hall.

Shuttle Service: Treasure Island does not provide shuttle service. So there is nothing like free shuttle service to anywhere except as part of promotional offer.

Meanwhile, there are some third party transport companies outside the hotel resort that render this service. You can also easily get them at airport and any other part of the city to Treasure Island Resort Casino.